Special Message from Harvey Vickery

If you have not yet joined Our Prelaunches

Hello and Welcome from Harvey Vickery

Thank You for your interest in getting in at the top of our team in two prelaunch companies. I was asked to help build a couple of pre-launches since I am considered an online marketing leader and I am inviting you to be part of my team.

There is no cost to you to get your early bird prelaunch positions on the Harvey Vickery team. I put together a basic page with both prelaunches. We will have more details as time goes on and I just met with admin last night of one of the prelaunch companies.


The first prelaunch is international in 193 countries and our team is already one of the top producing teams which means your position on my team is very valuable to you as we have placed leaders above those coming in so you will see great momentum when it launches...

The second prelaunch is a new vision of Dallin Larsen who built several of the top earning companies online and the last one was monavie to over a billion dollars in 4 years and sold the company with a two year non compete which is now over. We only know the name of the company...VASAYO which stands for Vision and Steadiness Assures Your Outcome.

We will all learn of the companies, products and compensation plans at the same time. You can see that both are Early Bird Invitation Only Pre-Launches where our team is in at the very top.

You can assure your positions now in these early bird prelaunches by clicking my link and get placed before the official prelaunches are announced...


I Look forward to working with you as we build incomes together and change the lives of Harvey Vickery Team Members.

To Our Success Together,

Are You Ready for a Change?