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success, it will be always required a navigational browser

exclusively designed for the Hyperweb as well as locally
based management systems for each interdependently
connected server. 

Which can simply explain why the Hyperweb might well reveal 
a new subtle, efficient, practical and highly useful digital layer 
of the World Wide Web.

Nevertheless, not so distant from what was rooted in its

After all, Internet is indeed organized by numbers
(described as IP web addresses) but also by names either in
the format of web domains or, if properly analysed, by what
is defined by their respective owners or businesses.

Although, what most common users might need or want is a
very different Internet where everything is rather organized
by semantics, contexts and thematic contents. 

Thats why people have been limited to just using search engines.
But thats also why the Hyperweb is a must!

As an effective alternative to search engines, while avoiding
the basic process of duplicating all contents for the required
centralization of data, the Hyperweb is presented as a
solution which does not require to harvest domains and
websites through spiders and crawlers. 

Instead, through well recommended resources and highly suggested content

the Hyperweb leverages the indexing task just by empowering

 webmasters with tools and means for the sole purpose.

This means that, with the status of contributors who might
earn considerable income by building successful networks,
webmasters will not only select, curate and interconnect all
recommended links but will also manage and maintain their
networks so that users might expect an increased level of
quality while enjoying their browsing activity between all
available multimedia contents. 

Everything possible by simple, practical and very intuitive digital tools and features.

You see, while its not possible to achieve the same
functionality with the default versions of vulgar internet
browsers which systematically requires to proceed with
tedious tasks like finding web addresses while opening and
closing tabs all day, it will be also un viable if without any
organizational structure capable of providing the required

Otherwise, for instance with the use of a kind of crawling browser the final result
would display numeric sequences of domains without much context in between.
Besides the inevitable massive presence of pre constructed websites, 
denied accesses, parked domains and all kinds of errors derived from In 
the absence of proper security certificates or other websites mis-configurations,
The raw format of the Internet presents numerous threats, 
failures and so many more undesired technical realities.

As one of the most notable responsible factors which defines
the so far presented technologicals mainstream immaturity.

This evidence only fuels misguided and truly opportunistic
solutions which do not contribute in favor of the required
technological veracity.

On other side, once its not possible for software to substitute
hardware capacities, the technical need of relocating basic
server/terminals to the expected domains under the rule of
intranets VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) might well better
elucidate how wrong Internet has been instructed to
populations worldwide while in the hands of half-a-dozen of
misfit technological companies.

After all, private data of billions of users is held by their own
computers in the first place, i.e., by their own individual storage devices.
Definitely, this is what explains how the Internet should work as
a wide globalized network which interconnects all kinds of
autonomous computers in between.

Only by this technical reasoning can we assume that, by these
essential electronic devices, people can share information with other people.

In the process, communication or even interactions in
between can only be understood as one of the countless
practical applications of that same capacity, which is
publishing digital data via the Internet.

Therefore, no web software can do it without each ends own

Which means that social networks or even search
engines are not immune to this fact.

Effectively, on a more healthier approach, any software or
a web application can only represent a dependable extension of such power.
Not the other way around!

For this motive, gifted with true peer-to-peer capacities, the
envisioned Hyperweb symbolizes the attempt of restoring the
technological principles which have made the Internet so alluring
for development and innovation.

Most of all, by priming for the adoption of HTML
(HyperText Markup Language) in its core functioning, the 
Hyperweb defies the use of high-level programming languages
(like C++ or Python) or any kind of WebAssembly (WASM) as the
software interface in between, just to empower the explained 
navigational system with the innate nature of Internet, 
as if able to turn the energy of the web accomplice 
of users own will without the need of commanding
anything with high-level coding instructions.

Something that is not provided by the most used internet
browsers, notice.

Revealing also why the structural systems which deals with the
organization of all links (web locations and categorizing processes)


to be easily accessed through the Hyperweb are all based
on-the-cloud and why all essential code was programmed
with PHP, a widely used scripting language exclusively 
crafted for web development that only runs in the server-side,
not in the users own computers like most normal software.

Thanks to this technical functioning it becomes possible to
turn compatible all kinds of PHP scripts which record several
references related with each web address (location) in any
linked SQL database.

By this notion, the Hyperweb can easily adapt to similar
online systems.

Leaving the Navigational Browser to benefit from all available 
inter connections by a regulatory process of discerning 
what directions should be respected based on each
webmasters networking priorities, what access point
was selected and, obviously, what users have decided to observe.

Technically, once founded by a truly decentralized network
topology, users can gain a simplified access to all available
Being virtually unlimited.

For this purpose, all Hyperwebs management systems are
bounded with each other by sharing their organization in
between as similar as what is used in blockchain, yet, without
the heavy burden of carbon footprint generated by the
creation of cryptocurrencys tokens.

With a similar analogy, by a meticulous self-governed networking
structure which defines priorities in accessing any other network
by users own will, webmasters are empowered for the need 
of turning their own network solely independent in relation to all.

In result, the Hyperweb is decentralized and self-governed.
Is it Hyperweb the Web III?

Everyone should understand that Web III is a modern new
set of technological means and tools exactly like it was done
in the past upon the transition from the Web I to the Web II.

This means that, contrary to what major cryptocurrencys
aficionados believe Web III is not supposed to overwrite, to
substitute and much less to turn Web II incompatible with
the next step of Internet.

Thats why someone named it Web3 without having any previous
legacy, though.

Effectively, as the realistic meaning of any natural evolution,
i.e., defining always a gradual growing process, Web III will
simply complement what has been turned available by adding
improved compliant technological means, updated tools and
features more in conformity with what will be possible to
enhance through the increase of speed and larger Internet

Furthermore, in response of abusive monopolies
of private data built upon the premature stages of Web II,

Its expected that Web III might well return to the innate roots
introduced by all Internets brilliant minds who have been
recognized by the original thought of its authors just to
restore the related decentralized networking topology.

For this reason, we should not be surprised if the explained
Hyperweb becomes integral part of the proposed Web III.

After all, once specifically architected to operate with the so
far well respected and widely assumed web standards, its
expected that Hyperweb might be compatible not only with
the new Web III technology but also with the Web IV, the
Web V or any further version of the Internet.
Is it Hyperweb the Metaverse?

By a similar reasoning, everyone should understand that
Metaverse is not about disruption...

Its about continuation.
For this motive, contrary to what has been induced to masses
who believes that the Metaverse will be basically hosted in
Big Techs closed systems, seems not absurd to realize
that decentralized Web Hosting services should also host 3D
virtual scenarios.

In fact, only in this way the Metaverse can make much sense.
If so, to satisfy the demand, local Web Hosting services are
expected to upgrade the related servers with powerful
graphic cards, excessive amounts of memory RAM and also
ultra-fast hard disks so that they can provide alternative web
hosting plans for their clients.

Exactly like Big Techs data centers have been doing.
It Happens that none of this can be useful for the Metaverse

if masses of users do not upgrade their own computers as well.
Thats where Big Tech fails.

In fact, without mentioning what Epic Games services have
been releasing without charging a dime, being introduced by
Unreal and Unity 3D engines for years already, because we
have already the software capacity of rendering 3D virtual
graphics in real-time, what is delaying the implementation of
the so called Metaverse are the so required technical
specifications which, besides faster and broader internet
connections, should empower users with computers and
hardware means capable of operating in an internet rendered
in three dimensions through exigent high resolution images,
enhanced motion graphics and complex virtual animations.

This means that, inevitably, like we can already verify by the
first online demonstrations (like Core Games), creators will
be gifted with tools and means for creating fantastic 3D
scenarios in a way of interconnecting Metaverses users with
other different 3D scenarios through the so called portals.

Well, thats how Internet works already.
Again, something that will not change with Web III or whatever.

Therefore, seems highly logical that, no matter what software
or mean is used for its production, the Metaverse will allow to
interconnect all available 3D scenarios independently of
where is being hosted and how many different online servers
will represent the related physical technical structure.

Amazingly, all this can become possible through a very
similar logical approach of what identifies the Hyperweb.
Leading to conclude thats what better defines Internet.

What, as previously explained, seems solely dependable on
how we have decided to use it.
I mean, not the result of any handicap, enhancement or radical
technological changes.

All in all, where the Hyperweb or the Metaverse share the
same precise concepts.

The same is found on the Internet!
Mostly because of this, what is clearly exposed though gifted
capabilities, the Navigation Browser which allows to navigate
between all available websites through the Hyperweb
surprisingly personifies the famous Avatar which will be
essential for bringing the so called Metaverse into live.

Being seen on a discrete yet visionary approach, the Hyperwebs
navigational system will simply allow it to travel between all
available places.

Exactly like any Avatar will do in the so promising Metaverse.
As an obvious conclusion, pioneers vision of the web not only
foresaw how to operate from so many distinct original
sources but also predicted that the immutable nature of

The Internet is found on the capacity of sharing all kinds of
contents, including text, audio and all other multimedia.
That says everything!

As of their inspiration, could be pretentious on realizing
anything different than what everyone can see in reality.

After all, as normal Human beings, all computer engineers,
technicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, marketers, website
owners, housewives, barmen or even soccer players and all
kinds of users are decentralized by default and a great part
lives in modern democratic social environments.
I think it was excluded from this equation.
If we intend to change anything, it seems quite notorious that
we should change ourselves instead..
Just to be more civilized.


In other words, imagining that the Internet can personify
the Seas of Information we can easily understand
Hyperweb has the atmosphere and the wind power which
allows it to move (by sailing) between locations while floating
over domains, websites and digital contents.

By this analogy, its sufficient to consider that the Hyperweb
stands in relation to any technical physical structure exactly
like the fact that no one owns the wind. In this sense, by
logical inherence, while the necessary management systems
should represent ports where routes and trade are defined,

The navigational browser can only simulate digital ships.
On this way, specially when comparing to our planet and our
diverse cultures, becomes obvious that what is organized to
be observed must respect each related logical origin...

And, for the sake of sanity, what better than considering our
realistic geographical locations?

If so, we can conclude that there is no difficulty in understanding how,

what and why the Internet can work in a decentralized approach.

Like reality does!
Happens that reality has also plenty of obstacles between

distinct sovereign domains, heavy measures taken in favor

of economical, sociopolitical and religious affairs, we can say.

Nonetheless, this can only suit as a perfect example.

Because of our innate divergences, our ancestors have created trade.
Thats essentially how Hyperweb operates!

Has the invisible, unattainable and intangible layer over the
already monetized web, without it, the Internet does not exist.
We can even consider that it was always there...
To be used.
Yet, there was no apparent way of benefiting from it.



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